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25th Anniversary of the Kovalevskaia Prize in Vietnam and the 2008-2009 Kovalevskaia Award Ceremony
Posted: Mar 17,2010

On March 12th, 2010, the Kovalevskaia Prize Committee in Vietnam organized the 25th Anniversary of the Kovalevskaia Prize in Vietnam and held the Kovalevskaia Award Ceremony to 3 individuals for years 2008 and 2009.

Attendingthe Anniversary were Mrs. Nguyen Thi Doan - member of the Central Party Committee, Vice-President of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam; Mr. Nguyen Duc Kien - member of the Central Party Committee, Vice-Chairman of the National Assembly; Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa - member of the Central Party Committee, President of Vietnam Women’s Union; Dr. Neal and Ann Koblitz - Directors of Kovalevskaia Fund andrepresentatives from ministries, branches, agencies, international organizations; representatives from formerprizewinners and 22 excellent students studying on natural science from universities around the country.

Three prize winners for the year 2008-2009 are: Associate Professor Dr. Pham Thi Thuy, Department of Plant Protection, Vietnam Institute of Science and Agriculture (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development); Associate Professor Dr. Phan Thi Tuoi, Former Headmaster of Ho Chi Minh Polytechnic University; and Associate Professor Dr. Le Thi Thuy, Deputy - Head of the Science and International Cooperation Division, Department of Cattle Breeding (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development).

The Kovalevskaia Prize Committee was founded in 1985 and headed by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh, Former Vice-President of Vietnam. Over the past 25 years, Kovalevskaia Prize Committee in Vietnam has selected and awarded prizes to 34 individuals and 15 groups. After receiving the prizes, the winners continue striving in their careers and to date there are 10 professors, 20 associate professors, 56 doctors, 7 People’s Doctors, 8 People’s Teachers, 7 outstanding teachers, and 5 outstanding doctors. Some of them received State prizes, Labour medals, Certificate of creativeness in Labour and other kinds of Merit from ministries and branches. They have become exemplary models, the beautiful flowers in the vast garden of Vietnamese women.

Speaking at the Anniversary, State Vice-President Nguyen Thi Doan highly appreciated the prizewinners’ achievements and contributions to the national development during the passing years. She also acknowledged the initiatives of Mrs. Nguyen Thi Binh, Former Vice-President of Vietnam, Dr. Neal and Ann Koblitz and Vietnam Women’s Union to establish the Kovalevskaia Prize in Vietnam and expressed her belief that with the good tradition of all Vietnamese women, women scientists, especially Kovalevskaia prizewinners, they will be more confident and active in studying and searching out practical solutions to solve the emerging issues in Vietnam and the world.

Many students who attended the Anniversary were encouraged by hearing the outstanding achievements as well as the great efforts from the women scientists. It was an uplifting message for these excellent students of natural science who have chosen a life that will be hard but also full of victory.

On this occasion, Dr. Neal and Ann Koblitz were conferred the Friendship Medal, a noble award of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, for their great contribution to the Kovalevskaia Fund in Vietnam 

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(Translated by Int’l Relations Dept)

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"... From the beginning of the first century A.D., when the two Trung Sisters rose up to fight the enemy and save the nation, until now, whenever our country has faced danger, our women have contributed whatever they could toward the cause of national liberation.

Our people are grateful that our mothers from South and North alike have borne and raised our nation's generation of heroes....

Under the Socialist system, tens of thousands of women have become specialists in different fields and, as cadre, serve as directors and vice-directors of factories, leaders of farming cooperatives, presidents of People’s Committees, and general secretaries of Party Cells....

And so, the women of Vietnam from ancient times until now, from South to North, from young to old, are truly heroes ..."

(Excerpted from President Ho Chi Minh's speech on the 36th Anniversary of Vietnam Women's Union 20 October 1966)

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