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Vietnam Women’s Union commits to promoting women’s economic empowerment
Posted: Aug 10,2018
VWU Vice President Nguyen Thi Tuyet and SBFIC Deputy Managing Director Ruehle-Stern

It was the message by Vice President of the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) Nguyen Thi Tuyet at the meeting with the delegation of the Savings Banks Foundation for International Cooperation of (SBFIC - Germany) and CARD (the Philippines) headed by Ms. IIonka Ruehle-Stern – SBFIC Deputy Managing Director, in charge of Asia, in Hanoi on June 20, 2018.

At the meeting, Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet, provided basic information about the VWU, its key tasks for the 2017 - 2022 term focusing on the task of mobilizing and supporting women for business start-up, economic development, and environmental protection.

She said that the VWU is a mass organization which has been involved in microfinance activities for longest term and at the biggest scale in Vietnam. With around 18 million members, an extensive grassroots network and staff at all levels, the organization has a great advantage in providing microfinance services to potential clients in villages quickly and efficiently to meet the demand of women, especially poor women, women in difficulties. The microfinance strategy of the VWU to the year 2020 and beyond has set an objective of developing and strengthening professional and effective microfinance activities to play a key role in Vietnam microfinance industry for women’s development through economic empowerment, with particular emphasis on poor, disadvantaged women, significantly contribute to the national goal of sustainable poverty reduction.

The VWU’s Vice President showed high appreciation of the cooperation of SBFIC and CARD in VWU microfinance activities over the past years. Ms. Nguyen Thi Tuyet and Ms. IIonka Ruehle-Stern expressed their hope that the three parties will cooperate and actively implement activities ofVWU-SBFIC-CARD joint Project "Savings Bank Cooperation for microfinance Network Development in Vietnam, Laos and Myanmar" period 2018-2021, including sending long-term, short-term specialists and technical assistance to support the VWU (TYM, Vietnam Women’s Academy, Fund for Poor women, Micro insurance Fund) in developing and implementing the plan of merging the Fund for Poor women into TYM; in assessing the situation of and proposing solutions for developing VWU microfinance activities in the new circumstance; in introducing and connecting the VWU with other international organizations working in the field of inclusive finance…

 Ảnh minh họa

 VWU Vice President Nguyen Thi Tuyet and representatives of SBFI and CARD

Translated by VWU IRD

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"... From the beginning of the first century A.D., when the two Trung Sisters rose up to fight the enemy and save the nation, until now, whenever our country has faced danger, our women have contributed whatever they could toward the cause of national liberation.

Our people are grateful that our mothers from South and North alike have borne and raised our nation's generation of heroes....

Under the Socialist system, tens of thousands of women have become specialists in different fields and, as cadre, serve as directors and vice-directors of factories, leaders of farming cooperatives, presidents of People’s Committees, and general secretaries of Party Cells....

And so, the women of Vietnam from ancient times until now, from South to North, from young to old, are truly heroes ..."

(Excerpted from President Ho Chi Minh's speech on the 36th Anniversary of Vietnam Women's Union 20 October 1966)

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