Hội liên hiệp Phụ nữ - Việt nam
20:26' 8/10/2019

In September 2019, TYM has expanded its operations to five more districts in Bac Giang, Hai Duong, Phu Tho, Thanh Hoa and Hanoi, bringing the total number of coverage districts / towns to 76.

Implementing the network development plan, in 2019, TYM conducted a survey of the women’s demand for financial services in 5 districts: Viet Yen (Bac Giang), Tu Ky (Hai Duong), Phuc Tho ( Hanoi), Yen Lap (Phu Tho) and Nga Son (Thanh Hoa). With the positive evaluation results, TYM has decided to expand the operation areas in these 5 districts and so far successfully held the launching ceremony in these areas.

Attending the launching ceremony were the presence of representatives of the party committee, the government, the women’s union in the areas. Especially, o­n this occasion, TYM handed gifts to 103 poor women members of Vietnam Women’s Union living in 5 districts.

According to the plan, after the launch ceremony in the districts, the branches will hold a meeting to introduce TYM’s activities in each commune and start implementing microfinance activities to hamlets and villages. With the launch, TYM wants you and your family to have access to safe financial services, promote income-generating projects as well as other plans of the family in time to prepare for the upcoming Lunar New Year.

The launching ceremony in Yen Lap district, Phu Tho province o­n September 18
The launching ceremony in Phuc Tho district, Ha Noi city o­n September 13
The launching ceremony in Tu Ky district, Hai Duong province o­n September 09

The launching ceremony in  Viet Yen district, Bac Giang province o­n September 19