International delegations paid visits to Vietnam Women’s Union on the occasion of attending 18th Global Summit of Women in Hanoi, Vietnam.

From 5-7 June 2008, leaders of VWU had several meetings at the headquarter of VWU with international delegations

who came for the 18th Global Summit of Women in Hanoi: Chilean Minister o­n women’s Affairs - Madame Laura Albornoz accompanied by Ambassador of Chile to Vietnam - Mr. Jorge Canelas; South African Deputy Minister o­n Environmental Affairs and Tourism - Madame Rejoice Thizwilondi Mabudafhasi; Member of The Politburo ofFRELIMO Party and representative of Women’s Union of Mozambique - Madame Paulina Matecus, Rumanian businesswomen representative and representative from Libyan National Committee of Social Affairs (National Assembly).


On this occasion VWU leaders thanked for the support of the people and women in these countries to Vietnam in the past, and shared information o­n current movements, programs and activities of the VWU. The representatives of international delegations praised VWU’s efforts as well as Vietnamese women’s role and contribution to the national struggle and construction. They also shared information o­n women’s activities and concerns in their respective countries.


All delegations confirmed that this visit would further enhance friendship and cooperation between Women in Vietnam and in their respective countries. They look forwards to exchanging visits to discuss, share and learn experiences from each other countries o­n women’s issues such as: reproductive health, women in socio – political and economic empowerment, capacity building for women and gender equality... As the host of the 19th Global Summit of Women which will be held in Chile in 2009, Madame Laura Albornoz extended her warm invitation to leaders of VWU to attend the summit and to pay an official visit afterwards.



Int’l Relations Dept.,