Opening remark at the meeting with diplomatic Corps and international Donors

Mme. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, President of Vietnam Women’s Union

Opening remark at the meeting with diplomatic Corps and international Donors

5th March, 2008 – Wednesday - Hanoi

Mme. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, President of Vietnam Women’s Union


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlment,


We know that since its commence in 1910 and especially since 1977 when International Women’s Day of 8 March was officially recognized by the United Nations, every year, many countries in the world including Vietnam celebrating this day by organizing many ebullient and practical activities to comment and acknowledgethe important role and great contribution of women in the overall development of the society. This year, o­n the occassion of the Spring and in the cheerful atmostphere of the International Women’s Day – 8th March, in accordance with many celebration activities done by the Women’s Union at all levels throughout the country, the Central Vietnam Women’s Union is very happy to organize this meeting with the theme: “Strengthening International Cooperation for Gender Equality and Development”. This will be o­ne of the meaningful celebration activities, which makes contribution to promoting international cooperation for gender equality and development as objectives defined by the United Nations, as well as implementing VWU’s objectives and tasks setforth for the tenure 2007 – 2012.


Distinguished Ladies and Gentlment,

Entering into a New Year, reviewing the development of Vietnam in general and of the Vietnam Women’s Union in particular, the Vietnamese women are encouraged by the achievements gained by the country and its women so far. Economic growth of Vietnam in 2007 was 8.5% - the highest rate in the last 10 years, international status of Vietnam has been upgraded continuously, and the first time Vietnam has been voted to be a non permanent member of UN Security Council in the tenure 2008-2009. The year 2007 was also an important year for VWU and the Vietnamese women’s movement. The 10th National Women’s Congress has successfully organized in October, 2007, starting a new tenure (2007 – 2012). Resolutions of the Congress and the gained achievements create fine preconditions and bring many opportunities to women’s movements in the whole country. The 10th Congress has mapped out directions, objectives and tasks for VWU and the Vietnamese women’s movements in the coming years – the period of deep and wide international economic integration.


Over the past years, external and friendship relations and international cooperation played an important role in the success of various practical programs and activities, contributing to heighten women’s status in family and society. Bilateral relations have been strongly fostered, cooperative activities, visits and information exchanges between VWU and its international partners and embassies based in Hanoi have been increasing.


Multilateral relations have been reinforced and developed. The roles and positions of VWU in international organizations have been strengthening. VWU members hold the following international positions: member of Women’s International Democratic Federation (WIDF) Board, President of APEC 2006 Women Leaders’ Network (WLN), and Vice President (2006-2008) of ASEAN Confederation of Women’s Organizations (ACWO).


So far, VWU has maintained bilateral and multilateral relations with more than 300 partners in 67 countries in the region and around the world, thus promoting understanding and cooperation between the Vietnamese women and people and the rest of the world.


In the last years, through the Foreign Embassies in Vietnam, International Cooperation and Development Agencies and International Organizations, WUs at all levels have been receiving support from governments, traditional and potential partners from various countries including Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, Sweden, Spain, Canada, Japan, Korea, Australia, France, United States… VWU also get the funding and technical assistance from a number of UN organizations and international organizations: UNICEF, UNFPA, UNAIDS, IOM, UNIFEM, the Asia Foundation… We always appreciate and value the support of international community towards VWU’s activities. Thanks to these valuable supports, VWU has been able to build effective and good models and practices for the rights and interest of women, contributing to improve the life and status of themselves and their family, at the same time to enhance WU’s organization/institution as well as its prestige, domestically and internationally. Strongly supported by the international community, VWU has become o­ne among leading mass organizations in policies advocacy related to women’s issues, gender awareness raising, hunger elimination and poverty alleviation through credit & saving activities, vocational training, job creation, small and medium enterprise (SME) development, reproductive health care, laws counseling, prevention against social evils including violence against women and trafficking in women. Besides, WU’s cadres and members are always very proactive and aware of effectively using international aid.


On this occasion, o­n behalf of the Vietnam Women’s Union at all levels and the Vietnamese women, I would like to express our profound and sincere appreciation, respect, and thanks for your kind support to the Vietnamese women in general and VWU in particular for years.


In parallel with expanding the existing relationship, VWU wishes to develop and expand relationship with new organizations, strengthen mutual understanding in order to build friendship, cooperative relationship and partnership.


We hope that the meeting today will help you to have a clearer understanding about VWU’s directions and tasks in the 10th tenure as well as its priorities in recent years. By the way, VWU also wishes to have your contribution and suggestions, especially to have better understanding about support policies and priority areas that your governments and international community are applying with Vietnam. With the hope of strengthening the mutual understanding in order to push up more effective cooperation, we believe that the friendship and cooperation between VWU and the diplomatic corps and international organizations in the future will be further blossom, making meaningful contribution to the development and advancement of the Vietnamese women and women’s movements.


With internal force and experiences accumulated during the last 78 years of operation and development in accordance with positive support and effective cooperation from international community, VWU does believe that it will successfully implement the core tasks defined by the 10th National Women’s Congress in order to develop VWU’s work and the Vietnamese women’s movement into a new stage, positively contributing to the national development and international integration for the common interest of women and people of all countries.


May I wish you all good health, happiness and success.


Wish our meeting be successful.


Thank you very much./.