Promote experience exchange and develop good relations between South Africa and Vietnam

That is the goal of the visit to VWU of South Africa President’s Spouse – Mme. Zanele M. Mbeki in the morning of 24 May 2007 in the framework of the President’s official visit to Vietnam. Welcoming the President’s Spouse and delegation are Mme. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, member of Central Communist Party Committee, Standing Vice-President of VWU and other leaders of Departments and Units of VWU.

Mme. Zanele M. Mbeki has experiences in social work in Africa, England, the United States and UN Commission for Refugees in Africa and Asia. At present, she is the President of Women’s Development Bank Trust o­n creating economic empowerment for South African women, member and the head of a number of national and international organizations working for socio-economic development in poor communities. In her career, she is always concerned about women’s issues which have impacts o­n women namely poverty, gender inequality as well as issues which have an impact o­n the elderly people; women achievements in the implementation of Millennium Development Goals.


In her visit to VWU, Mme. Zanele M. Mbeki and the delegation showed their interest and shared experiences with the VWU in many fields, especially in organizing the women’s union structure, attracting membership; identifyingVWU’s functions and duties; sharing experience in poverty elimination – a very strong field of the VWU . As the most developed country in Africa, SouthAfrican women actively took part in the National Liberation and thestruggle for equality right; there have been more women taking part in politics and holding important roles in the state management. However, according to Mme. Zanele M. Mbeki, there are still many African women living in poverty. In order to help those women escape from poverty, there should be strong reunification of women’s organizations in S.C, which could reach out topoor women with loans and instruction for household economy development.

Recalling her participation in the demonstration against the American War in Vietnam when she was a student, Mme. Zalene M. Mbeki expressed her sentiment and happiness when visiting Vietnam. o­n behalf of the President, she thanks VWU for warmly receiving her. VWU’s Standing Vice-President Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa highly appreciated her good sentiment for Vietnam in the war and wished for the ever-growing relationship and cooperation between the women of two countries for equality and advancement of women.


In the afternoon of the same day, The South Africa President’s Spouse visited TYM Fund (a micro credit fund of VWU) in group 43, Trung Da commune, Soc son district (Hanoi). She participated in group’s meeting, met with members; visited the family of Ms. Do Thi Kim who has taken part in this Fund for 7 years with total loans of 80 million VND. She has invested20 million VNDin fruit business and the rest in mechanical workshop. Thanks to this loan, her family was not o­nly able to escape from poverty and develop household economy (yearly income of 50 – 60 million VND ), but also create jobs for 5 employees with an average income of 1- 1.5 million VND/person/month. Talking with TYM Fund’s members, Mme. Zalene confirmed: This is a suitable model, which brings about practical effect for women. The South African WDB Trust has applied similar model and Vietnam and South African can learn and share experiences of development with each other in the coming time.

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Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.