State Vice-president Truong My Hoa worked with the Vietnam Women’s Union regarding preparation for the 11th Meeting of the APEC Women Leaders’ Network (WLN)

To contribute to the good impressions about a dynamic, open, hospitable, secure and stable Vietnam; promote solidarity, friendship and cooperation; and to contribute to the success of APEC Vietnam 2006 – these are the messages of State Vice-president Mme. Truong My Hoa to VWU leaders in her meeting regarding preparation for the 11th WLN meeting on the afternoon of August 14, 2006 in VWU office.

After many months of great efforts, the preparation for the 11th APEC WLN Meeting is heading to its culmination. Oriented by the theme “Towards a Dynamic Community – Enhancing the Competitiveness of Women Businesses for Sustainable Development and Prosperity”, with 3 plenaries and 4 subject workshops, the Meeting will be focusing o­n the 3 sub-themes, i.e. Women entrepreneurs vs. dynamic and effective economic development; Women entrepreneurs and sustainable development; and WLN the second decade. Particularly, the round-table “Vietnamese Women Entrepreneurs and the National Economy” will see the participation of female leaders and experts from different fields and presentations by a number of distinguished Vietnamese women entrepreneurs. The draft Statement/Recommendations prepared by the VWU is being circulated among WLN member organizations for inputs and eventually will be discussed and approved at the closing session o­n the afternoon of Sep. 21, 2006. The outcome from the Meeting will be submitted by 2006 WLN President, Mme. Ha Thi Khiet, to the APEC Ministerial Meeting o­n SME to be held at the end of September 2006.


In hearing VWU report about WLN Meeting preparation, Mme. Truong My Hoa was pleased with the detailed preparation by VWU, which has been following closely the orientation given by the National Committee o­n APEC Vietnam 2006. The selection of theme and sub-themes has met general requirements, addressing global issues and attracting attention by women entrepreneurs at the same time. She expressed her confidence that, with the rich experiences of international relations and the fine traditions of the Vietnamese women, VWU will successfully organize the 11th WLN Meeting. She also reminded VWU leaders to take the initiative in holding bilateral meetings to promote friendship and cooperation and contribute to Vietnam’s international integration.

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Translated by Int’l Relations Dept