Steering Committee Meeting Women International Democratic Federation - WIDF

(10th to 13th of June in Brussels, Belgium)

In June 10th, a Special Session in the European Parliament o­n the Violation of the Women’s Rights was held, presided by WIDF President and the Left United Group of the European Parliament representatives, the Chairman Francis Wurtz and the Vice-Chair of the GUE/NGL and Group Coordinator for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality, Eva-Britt Svensson.


The hunger and the misery as front door of the violence, the violence to the woman in the countries in conflict, the violence of the trafficking of women, children and girls are crime, the violence to the woman - gender, race and ethnic - and the unemployment of the woman as violence factor had been the subjects presented for the five WIDF vice-presidents, Ruth Neto (Angola), Mayada Abbassi (Palestine), Annie Raja (India), Leticia Montes, representing Maria Ines Brassesco (Argentina) and Skevi Koukouma (Cyprus).


The WIDF president made the official greeting o­n behalf of the WIDF Steering Committee and Francis Wurtz o­n behalf of the European Parliament.


Meanwhile these days, WIDF carried through a exhibition of photos, in the Hall of the Parliament, o­n the effect of the bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan, taken by the friends of the FUDANREN (Japan Federation of Women Organizations) that denounce the reflexes of these bombs in the women, children and old people, until the present days.


The plenary meeting of the Steering Committee reaffirmed that the struggle of the WIDF is against the effects of the neoliberal politics o­n the women, as well as the feminization of the misery, the hunger and the AIDS; we are against the speculation of the monopolies grains, of the prices of foods and the price of the barrel of oil; we are against the effects of the imperialist politics of Bush, with invasions, rapes to the women in the invaded countries, aggressions, economic blockades; against the weapons and nuclear threats; for the peace in the world.


WIDF is in favor of a major solidarity to the women in the countries in conflict, to the African women and for the immediate liberation of the five Cuban heroes arrested in the U.S.A. and for the authorization of the entrance visas in the country for theirs relatives.


WIDF establishes as main struggle for the woman emancipation, the struggle for the work and employment, with access and presence of the woman in all the professional categories, without discrimination, with wage equality and social equipment day-care center, public restaurant and laundries, schools, etc.

WIDF is for the strengthening of empowerment of the woman, for the equality of rights, for sovereignty, independence and cooperation between the peoples and nations.

VWU International Relations Dept. according WIDF President’s letter to member organizations July 200