VWU has tried its best for legitimate rights and interests of Vietnamese brides abroad

This is the confirmation stated by VWU’s President Ha Thi Khiet in support to the Vietnamese brides too be naturalized in Korean society, in the afternoon 6th June in her meeting with the Representative of Logos Law Company – one of leading Law companies Korea.

According to Korean General StatisticDepartment, over the last 5 years, the ratio of foreign marriages in Korea increased three times, of which, the ratio of Vietnamese women marriages a lone increased 43 times (from 134 cases in 2001 to 5,822 o­nes in 2005) accounting for o­ne-fifth of the total number of people married to foreigners.


As a lawyer, Mr. Lyu Doo Hyun – Director of Logo Law Company concerned very much o­n the rights and interests of the Vietnamese brides in Korea. He said, at present, there are nearly 10,000 Vietnamese brides needed to get Korean nationality after living 2 years in Korea. However, many of them went to Korean through unsound marriage agencies, not attending introduction at Judicial Department as required by the Vietnam Law o­n Marriage and Family. . This is themost difficulty for them to be naturalized in Korea.


At the meeting, Mr. Lyu Doo Hyun expected to cooperate with VWU in solving these , obstacles to help the Vietnamese brides to be soon naturalized in Korea.


Mme. Ha Thi Khiet highly appreciated the good propositionof Logos Law Company. However, she said, this kind of work will take time andsuitable steps as well as close cooperation among relevant agencies in both countriesPresident Ha Thi Khiet also stressed that, VWU, has done its best to protect the legitimate rights for the Vietnamese brides who are living abroad.



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Translated by Int’l Relations Dept.