VWU transfers 1st batch of signing books responding “Say NO to violence against women” to UNIFEM Hanoi

In the morning of November 14, 2008, at the United Nations Development Fund for Women’s (UNIFEM) office in Hanoi, Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) handed books of about 600,000 signatures (1st stage) of staff, members, women and the people from over 40 provinces/cities nationwide responding UNIFEM’s campaign “Say NO to violence against women” to UNIFEM.

At this hand-over ceremony, UNIFEM’s representative congratulated and thanked VWU for its highly valuable contributions to the campaign and the great amount of signatures collected by VWU in this short time as well. o­n this occasion, UNIFEM also presented VWU flower basket, gift and greetings card.


UNIFEM is the world leading advocate for action to address gender-based violence. VWU in cooperation with United Nations Development Fund for Women (UNIFEM) organized the signing ceremony “Say NO to Violence against Women” at Center for Women and Development, Hanoi in the morning of October 31, 2008.



UNIFEM’s greetings card to VWU

We are so very excited in the UNIFEM office and our Deputy Director from New York will thank you personally o­n Tuesday” (Dr. Suzette Mitchell – UNIFEM Director in Vietnam and all UNIFEM staff)


- “Ms. Hoa and Ms. Giang. We are very delighted because our campaign puts Vietnam o­n the top of the world. Congratulations to you and to UNIFEM” (April Pham – UNIFEM Gender Specialist in Hanoi)


- “Congratulations! What a successful partnership!” (Nisha Richard – UNIFEM Campaigns Officer in Hanoi)

VWU targeted to collect 1 million signatures from its staff, members and people in the whole country. Nearly 600,000 is the amount of signatures at the 1st stage which VWU handed over to UNIFEM. The other number of signatures at the 2nd stage will be transferred to UNIFEM o­n the coming 20th November. All the signature lists will be presented by UNIFEM Vietnam to UN General Secretary Ban Ki Moon in New York o­n the day of “Elimination of violence against women” of UN (November 25, 2008).


Ngoc Bich