• Project proves women’s role in increasing community’s resilience to natural disasters

    The Centre for Social Research and Development (CSRD) on March 29 held a workshop in the central city of Hue to summarise the results of its project on enhancing women’s role in increasing the resilience of the coastal community and eco-system in the central region of Vietnam.
  • Promoting gender equality in environmental protection

    On September 14, the Vietnam Women's Union held the seminar "Promoting gender equality in environmental protection". This is the first in the VWU’s series of activities in response to the 2022 campaign “To make the world cleaner”.
  • Vietnam Women's Union launches an online contest "Women join hands to restore the ecosystem"

    In response to the Action Month for the Environment and the World Environment Day on June 5, 2021, the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) is organizing an online contest "Women join hands to restore the ecosystem".
  • Climate Talks, Mexico: Women Key to Combating Global Warming

    UN Women was one of a number of UN agencies and civil society representatives advocating for gender mainstreaming during talks at the UN Climate Change Conference in Cancún, Mexico (COP16), where Governments convened to negotiate how the international community should combat global warming after the Kyoto Protocol meets its end date in 2012. They succeeded in adopting a package of decisions, also known as the Cancun Agreements, on 11 December to combat climate change, which included gender and social dimensions.

  • Women scientists honoured

    To celebrate international women’s day, Viet Nam is honouring a select group of women who helped improve the quality of life in the country, Nguyen Thanh Ha reports.