• Ho Chi Minh City Women Union celebrates International Environment Day 5th June

    On 3rd June, at the 30 April Park, the HCM City Women’s Union in cooperation with the Environmental Natural Resources Department organized meeting and walking in celebration of the International Environment Day 5th June which attracted the participation of nearly 6,000 people included 3,000 WU members. This year, the major theme of the International Environment Day in Ho Chi Minh City was “For streets Free from garbage”

  • “Vietnam is in My Heart”

    Once every a few days, Bettina Martin leaves Hanoi for Tam Dao National Park where she participates in the Project of Managing Tam Dao National Park and the Buffer Zone. For her, who lived for nearly five years in the remote forests in Tuyen Quang, the 70km ride from Hanoi to Tam Dao National Park is not a long distance to travel.
  • IUCN to continue environmental assistance to Vietnam

    General of the World Conservation Union (IUCN) has said that Vietnam is showing progress in its efforts to preserve and protect the country's ecosystems and pledged to continue partnering with Government bodies in environmental management programmes.
  • Conference on launching for initiative of household energy saving models

    In the morning of 12th Dec., the Conference on launching for the initiative of household energy saving models was held at the head office of the Vietnam Women’s Union.

  • A female among 7 Chief Information Officers honoured

    The 2nd CIO Indochina conference and awards ceremony took place in Hanoi on Monday, August 28, with seven CIOs honoured.