• Women Leaders’ Network Meeting KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA SEPTEMBER 1-2, 1998

    The 1998 WLN Meeting Declaration and Recommendations reaffirms the "commitment to work together [with APEC] in partnership to meet current challenges, as well as challenges in the new millennium to contribute towards achieving sustainability in our regional economic recovery, prosperity and development" (WLN 1 998).
  • The APEC 11th Women Leaders network Meeting in Hanoi from 19th to 22nd, September 2006.

    With the theme “Towards a Dynamic Community – for Sustainable Development and Prosperity” in the year APEC 2006, it is estimated 100 events will be organized in Vietnam, of which The APEC 11th Women Leaders’ network Meeting will be hosted by Vietnam Women Union at the International Conference Center – Hanoi, from September 19 to 22, 2006.
  • EC anti-dumping taxes affect Vietnamese women footwear workers

    The European Commission (EC)’s decision to slap primary anti-dumping duties of 4.2 percent on leather shoes imported from Vietnam has affected half a million leather shoe workers (most of whom being women) and a high number of workers involved in supporting sectors.

  • Invitation letter

    From: Ha Thi Khiet
  • Alex Hopes to Become the American Ambassador to Vietnam

    With a great passion for Vietnam, Madam Kathleen Huff gave up her position as Head of the Psychology Department at Arkansas University, America in 1998. Instead she took up work at World Concern, a non-government organization in Seatle (America), who needed an expert for their job-generation project for disabled youths in Da Nang, Quang Nam and Hai Duong, Vietnam.
  • Verses of the Historical May

    “As if Uncle Ho was here on the Victory Day” – the exciting rhythms of this song often remind me of the wonderful moments right after the liberation of the South on 30th April 1975.

  • Viet Nam, Cambodia Aim to End People Trafficking

    A meeting on anti - trafficking was jointly held by the Ministry of Public Security and the Cambodian Ministry of the Internal Affairs at Ho Chi Minh City.

  • Classes for Laotians Organized in Vietnam

    As relations between Lao and Vietnam grow, Laotian learners have spent time in Vietnam during the rice harvest period to observe the speed at which rice plants grow each day.

  • Embroidered Picture - Another Story of Uncle Ho

    The embroidery picture was a present of Uncle Ho to the late US colonel Stephen L.Nordlinger 60 years ago. It has been kept by his family, up to three generations, as a precious thing in the living room.

  • Women Leaders’ Network Meeting

    Manila, Philipines
    October 2-4, 1996

  • Women Leaders’ Network Meeting: Ottawa - Hull, Canada - September 13-16, 1997

    In the Declaration and Recommendations of the Women Leaders' Network at its second meeting in 1997, the WLN reaffirmed the 1996 Manila Call to Action, promoted its continued and consistent implementation throughout APEC processes and structures, and reemphasized the vital contribution of women to APEC economies.
  • A memory of Vera Vaxilieva, a scholar on Vietnamese study

    From 1925 to 1939, there were around 60 Vietnamese students who studied at the Communist Synthetic University, rendering for oriental laborers (KUTV), Institute for Peoples and Colonies belonging to KUTV (NIINKP) and Lenin International School.
  • Korean public opinion: “Please forgive”

    After the Chosun Daily made public the articles about Vietnamese brides on April 21 that led to reactions by Vietnamese readers, many Korean newspapers reported on a demonstration of a group of Korean citizens and Vietnamese people in front of the office of the Chosun Daily, and Vietnamese public opinion about the articles
  • Ministry of Justice to work with Korean Embassy

    On the sideline of the 39th session of the Standing Committee of the National Assembly, Minister of Justice Uong Chu Luu talked with the press about the Chosun Daily case, from the legal aspect related to marriage with foreigners.
  • Joint-efforts in Seeking Best Solutions for Vietnamese Women Married to Korean Men

    This was the affirmation made at the meeting between Mme. Ha Thi Khiet, President of Vietnam Women's Union (VWU), and Mr. Kim Euki, Ambassador of the Republic of Korea to Vietnam, on May 4, 2006 at the VWU's central office regarding the article "Vietnamese Young Women Coming to Korea – A Land of Hopes" posted by the Chosun Daily Newspaper on April 21, 2006.
  • Korean diplomat apologizes for paper disgracing Vietnamese women

    A Republic of Korean diplomat has just apologized to Vietnamese women after protests at home slammed a local newspaper as “cold and insensitive” in portraying the women as merely dying to marry a Korean man.
  • EU relations crucial to Vietnam: PM

    The European Union is a crucial partner, Prime Minister Phan Van Khai said after he received the visiting Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighbourhood Policy, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, in Hanoi on April 21.
  • Help stop trade in women and children, Vietnam labor unions told

    Labor unions should help women get jobs, a Vietnamese labor official said at a conference in Hanoi Tuesday on the role of the unions in preventing trafficking of women and children.
  • Han Myung-sook approved as ROK's 1st female PM

    The Republic of Korea (ROK) National Assembly approved the nomination of Han Myung-sook as the country's first female prime minister on Wednesday afternoon.
  • International women world fair 2006

    Welcome 11th APEC Women Leader’s Network Meeting in Hanoi