• Korean-International Women Inventors’ Forum in Korea

    At the invitation of the President of Korea’s Women Invention Association (KWIA) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), Mme Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa, Member of the Party’s Central Committee, President of the Vietnam Women’s Union headed the Vietnamese women delegation (4 delegates including 2 successful women entrepreneurs) to attend the Korean-International Women Inventors’ Forum in Seoul, Korea on 6th – 11th May, 2008.
  • International delegations paid visits to Vietnam Women’s Union on the occasion of attending 18th Global Summit of Women in Hanoi, Vietnam.

    From 5-7 June 2008, leaders of VWU had several meetings at the headquarter of VWU with international delegations
  • A woman’s world

    Thanh Nien Daily interviews outspoken social activist and political figure Irene Natividad, president of the Global Summit of Women, as she prepares for the three-day summit in Hanoi beginning tomorrow.
  • Global women’s summit opens in Hanoi today

    About 1,000 female entrepreneurs and politicians are set to attend the 2008 Global Summit of Women from June 5-7 in Hanoi.
  • 2008 Global Summit of Women

    Global Summit of Women is an international forum to connect female entrepreneurs, experts, government leaders from all countries over the world, for the establishment of a global women coalition in order to share the best practices, successful business strategies, to deal with the problems that women are facing with in their business, to raise the role of women not only in business but also in all political-social activities.