• “Hanoi people are very warm” said Japanese woman painter

    For Mrs Seako Ando, a Japanese woman, Hanoi has become her second motherland. Other members in her family also consider Hanoi as their home.
  • Climate change increases gender inequality

    Including gender related issues in climate change policy is just one of the recommendations in a report released by the United Nations and Oxfam representatives at a workshop on climate change in Hanoi on Dec. 2.
  • Female NA deputies in push for gender equality

    VietNamNet Bridge - Gender equality should be made a more substantive issue, according to women deputies in the National Assembly.
  • Male and female religious followers vow to prevent HIV/AIDS

    A conference aimed at strengthening male and female religious followers’ commitments to HIV/AIDS prevention in Vietnam was held in the central city of Hue on November 22.
  • Empowering women key to combating climate change

    Climate change not only endangers lives and undermines livelihoods, but it threatens to enlarge the gaps between the rich and the poor and amplify the inequities between women and men, according to the State of World Population 2009 report launched today by the United Nations in Vietnam and the Ministry of Nature Resources and Environment (MONRE).
  • Violence against women and HIV

    Numerous studies from around the globe confirm the links between violence against women and HIV. These studies show that women living with HIV are more likely to have experienced violence, and that, women who have experienced violence are more likely to have HIV infection.
  • US company supports poor women in Mekong Delta

    The US-based Chevron company will provide US$300,000 for the Save the Children Foundation to implement a project which aims to help 500,000 poor women in the Mekong Delta to develop small businesses at home.
  • Plea for HIV/AIDS victims: Numbers in Viet Nam are expected to soar to 300,000 by next year.

    BAC NINH — Vice President Nguyen Thi Doan has called upon all sections of Vietnamese society to curb discrimination against people with HIV/AIDS, which, she said, was continuing to spread.
  • ECONOMY: 'It's Smart to Invest in Girls'

    BRUSSELS - Sending more girls to school may help poor countries get out of the economic slump faster, the NGO Plan International says in a new report. Just a one percent rise in the number of girls attending secondary school boosts a country's annual per capita income growth by 0.3 percent.
  • LoretoFest aims to help disadvantaged, disabled children

    VietNamNet Bridge – The Loreto-Viet Nam Australia Programme (LVAP) is gearing up for a large open-air musical concert featuring foreign and Vietnamese artists that will raise funds for the disabled and poor children in Viet Nam.