• Female Film Director Doan Minh Phuong Ready for “Nguyen Tieu” (Full Moon)

    After the troublesome journey of the “Bride of Silence”, film director Doan Minh Phuong has had aspirations for the new film “Nguyen Tieu” (Full Moon).

  • Quoc Binh’s Collection to Be Introduced in Hue Festival

    60 modern dresses, made of silk, oganza and velvet with main colors of yellow, blue and pink, inspired by the Hue Imperial Palace architecture’s carving flowery patterns, will be presented in Hue Festival on Ngoc Dich Lake, Dai Noi (Imperial city).

  • A special female collector

    Nguyen Thi Nhung is one of the few female antique collectors in Vietnam. She owns 10,000 antiques and over 10,000 ancient worship paintings.

  • VietNam Collection Grandprix 2006 Starts

    The Viet Nam National Textile and Garment Corp, The Fashion Design Institute (Fadin) and Mot Viet Nam magazine have just launched a fashion design contest - VietNam Collection Grandprix 2006 - with the theme “The Balance”. It is the annual contest which is intended for young people at home and abroad.
  • Painter Saeko Ando: The cherry-blossom in lacquer painting

    Saeko Ando has been in Vietnam for 11 years. Every year she goes home to Nagoya (Japan) and then returns to Hanoi. She and Vietnamese painters work hard with the boxes of egg shell, paint, golden and silver litmus leaves... Now, the biggest path for her is to pursuing Vietnamese lacquer art.

  • Vietnamese women football team placed 35th in FIFA ranking

    Viet Nam's women's national squad was ranked 35th among 129 teams in the World Football Governing Body (FIFA)'s ranking of the second quarter.

  • Bronze for Vietnam at Asian Track and Field Grand Prix

    A Vietnamese track athlete Monday raced to a bronze medal in the women’s 200m event at the 2006 Asian Grand Prix circuit in Bangalore, India, Nguoi Lao Dong newspaper reported Wednesday.

  • South African newspaper introduces Dang Thuy Tram’s Diary

    On April 5, 2005, Star Daily, one of South Africa’s great newspapers featured a 1-page article by Marilyn August from Hanoi as well as some extracts from the famous diary of martyr Dang Thuy Tram
  • French woman's photos on President Ho Chi Minh displayed

    More than 100 photos selected from thousands on the late President Ho Chi Minh by a French photographer are being displayed at an exhibition opened in Hanoi on May 17.
  • President Ho Chi Minh brings hope to the world

    French painter Dominique De Miscault has lived and worked in Vietnam for 14 years. She implemented tens of exhibitions about Vietnam and its people and participated in solidarity and friendship activities to help Vietnamese people when she was a member of the Vietnam-France Friendship Association.