"5K + 1 = 6 No" - Motto of Vietnamese Women's Museum in response to prevent Covid-19 pandemic

Just before the Tet (Lunar New Year) holidays, the Covid-19 outbreak returns and rapidly spreading in some provinces, affecting the spring welcoming atmosphere of the people nationwide. With the desire to spread safety message and positive thinking to encourage the whole country in fighting the epidemic, the Vietnamese Women's Museum has responded to the prevention campaign with motto "5K + 1 = 6 No" through pictures.
The pictures were inspired by the 5K message of the Ministry of Health to pandemic prevention combined with joyful features of the Tet, and a bit of funny actions by the museum staff to turn safety message become very close and easy to remember.

1. No facemask, do not wander the street: Reminding people to always wear facemasks at public places to ensure safety for themselves and those around them - an important factor to prevent Covid-19 spreading.

2. No keeping a distance, blame yourself: Always keeping safe distance with each other, being also an opportunity to come up with the kind of greeting "no touch" during this pandemic.

3. No gathering, but forming online groups: as requirements for disease prevention, lets postpone gatherings and meeting friends. Meeting and having a toast online, both are convenient and fast without being afraid of being fine for violating alcohol in driving.

4. No disinfection, Covy (Covid-19) hides everywhere: Regular disinfection is a prerequisite to limit the possibility of virus infection, always remember to disinfect your hands after touching surfaces or objects.

5. No completing health declaration, harming community health: Accurate health declaration remains a necessary action, demonstrating individual responsibility in the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic, to help zoning and containing the sources of infection faster, limiting the infection risk to the community.

And the last sign "+1": No worries, Tet will be safe: Spring is coming, let's take measures to ensure safety and prevention of epidemic to celebrate a happy and joyful Lunar New Year of “Buffalo”.

The motto "5K + 1 = 6 No" of the Vietnamese Women's Museum has received tens of thousands of interactions through social media. In particular, the spread and sharing the message in the Women's Union social network in provinces and cities nationwide show the active participation of women in contributing to the fight against the pandemic.

Vietnamese Women’s Museum

Translated by International Relations Department, VWU