"Start-up giving wings to the future" helps female prisoners be confident when returning to community

On 25th October, the Vietnam Women's Union cooperates with the Police Department of Management of Prison, Compulsory Re-education Center and Reformatory - Ministry of Public Security to organize the Program "Start-up giving wings for the future" at Quyet Tien prison, Tuyen Quang province.
Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Huong (right), VWU Vice-President discusses vocational training for female prisoners with Ms. Nguyen Thi Hong Nhung - Head of Camp No.1, Quyet Tien Prison, Tuyen Quang province

Sharing about supporting female prisoners to learn vocational skills in the prison, Mrs. Nguyen Thi Hanh - President of the Women's Union of Quyet Tien Prison, Tuyen Quang province said: "Currently, the unit is educating more than 1,000 female prisoners. In recent years, the WU of the unit has cooperated with Tuyen Quang provincial WU to organize communication activities for prisoners about the law, the role and qualities of women, and the national socio-economic situation. The WU also invites prisoners, who have completed sentences, being examples of household economy, building happy families to share their experiences in the process of the community’s reintegration. The WU also carries out communications and mobilization of people not to discriminate against the past time and relatives of those who have served sentences.

Art performances in the program

The WU also coordinates with hospitals/clinics to provide medical examination and treatment, health care and psychological counseling for prisoners. Besides, it works with vocational training centers to provide trainings for prisoners, encouraging businesses on site to recruit prisoners after their sentences. The WU also proposes to the local authorities to provide loans for them to have a career, helping them soon stabilize their lives and become good citizens.

Speaking at the Program, Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Huong, VWU Vice-President said: "Start-up is not something extraordinary, requiring us to have a lot of money or deep professional skills. But it is not easy and always successful for everyone. In addition to common challenges such as having creative ideas, capital, specific plans, strong spirit to cope with countless unpredictable issues, changes in knowledge, technology..., women have to overcome many gender stereotypes barriers, and women's responsibilities towards their families, children…"

More than 200 female prisoners attend the program with the desire to start up a business when returning to the community in the near future

"For sisters who are serving their sentences, I hope you continue to perform well to be able to return to their families and communities soon. You will not be alone, the government, sectors and mass organizations, including the Vietnam Women's Union, will accompany and support you to firmly and confidently integrate into the community. I hope that many of you will choose to start up a business and do  business successfully", Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Huong expressed.

"Start-up giving wings for the future" is a communication activity of the Vietnam Women's Union being organized in a number of prisons across the country, within the framework of the Government's Project "Supporting women for start-up in the period of 2017-2025". In 2023, this event is held at 2 prisons: Dinh Thanh Prison, An Giang province and Quyet Tien Prison, Tuyen Quang province, to introduce and motivate female prisoners to start up a business when completing their sentences and reintegrating into the community.

Translated by Int’l Relations Dept