“Clouds and Sunshine”

Entitled “Clouds and Sunshine”, the fashion collection by Dao Le Dieu Anh shows the beauty of nature. After the rain in summer, the sky becomes clear with bright sunshine and floating white and grey clouds.

Using the materials of silk and voile with the white, black and grey colours, the designer created simple costumes with bright yellow fringes that help wearers look youthful and graceful. Via the collection, it is easy to realize the creativeness, ability of observing and sensitive soul of the designer.


Fashion designer Dao Le Dieu Anh won the consolation prize at the Makuhari International Fashion Contest held in Japan when she was very young. Soon after, she was awarded a scholarship to attend a two-year course at a famous fashion design school in France . With a great passion for fashion, Dieu Anh has created new-fangled ideas and idiosyncrasy for her collections. 

Story by Van Quy
Photos by Hai Dong