“Green questions”- a new model for combating student anxiety

According to Dr Nguyen Quoc Chinh, Vice Director of the Center for Family Health and Family Planning in Ho Chi Minh City, the Green Questions Club is a part of a reproductive healthcare project co-implemented by Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Health and the Youth Cultural House

The project was partly funded by Shering AG of Germany.


The Green Questions club was established from 3 groups, including areproductive-healthcare communicative group for teenagers (most of the members are students of University of Economics and University of Pedagogy), a social communicative group (the major concerns are HIV/AIDS) and a legal communicative group. Young people are able to supply advice about reproductive healthcare, HIV/AIDS, and legal issues relating to these two topics, as well as participate in many activities at the Cultural House and visit the Center for Family Health and Family Planning in Ho Chi Minh City.


“The club is a part of a model for reproductive health care education that is friendly to students.Initially we focused o­n attracting students from the Universities of Economics and Pedagogy, but other young people can participate also. This is a wholesome “playground” where the youth’s awareness of reproductive health can be effectively increased. The pilot model will be copied and applied at many other universities and colleges in the whole city,” said Dr Chinh.


Though just established in July 2005, the clubs regularly attracts 30 to 40 teenagers a day to request advice or simple treatments. The club has also organized seminars and study tours.

by Huong Giang