“Millions of affection gifts” fund-raising reaching over USD 9.6 million

As of January 13, 2022, the program "Million affection gifts" launched by the Vietnam Women's Union has mobilized a total fund of over USD 9.6 million, equivalent to nearly 739,000 gift packs for women and children heavily affected by epidemics and natural disasters. The affection gifts have been given to the needy women, children and pandemics frontline forces.
The Ha Tinh WU responding to the Program

The “Million affection gifts” Program will be continuously implemented through the year 2022.

How to join and support the "Million affection gifts" Program:

1. For cash donation, please make bank transfer to the account “Hội LHPNVN - San sẻ yêu thương”, account No. 009704073686868 at HDBank, Hanoi branch.

2. For donation in kind, please either:

- Send the donation to the Women’s Unions of the localities hit the most by COVID-19, or

- Contact the Family and Social Affairs Department of the Vietnam Women’s Union for coordination and distribution (Ms. Song Ngoc, Tel: 0934.460186, email: songngoc2610@gmail.com)

Each package values 300,000 VND (in cash or in kind such as food, essential goods, napkins for women, milk and diapers for children, elderly person and in-bed patients, personal protective equipment for frontline medical staff, etc.).

Translated by VWU International Relations Dept.