11th Vietnam National Women’s Congress

On the threshold of the upcoming 11th Vietnam National Women's Congress, VWU President Mme. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa has sent an open message to all VWU's international friends informing of this important event. Hereinafter is the full letter.

The Vietnam Women’s Union (VWU) would like to convey its warmest greetings and best wishes to you! We are pleased to inform you that the 11th Vietnam National Women’s Congress will be convened during 11th - 14th March 2012 at the Hanoi Friendship Cultural Palace with the participation of over 1,100 delegates. The Congress will review the performance and achievements of the Vietnam women’s movements and VWU in the past term (2007 – 2012) and define VWU’s directions and main tasks in the next term (2012 - 2017).

To contribute to the successful realization of the renewal policy stance of the Party, the National Strategy o­n Gender Equality 2011-2020 and Vietnam Government’s commitments to international communities o­n gender equality and women’s advancement, with the theme “Unity, Creativity, Integration and Development”, the draft report by VWU’s Executive Committee to be presented to the Congress has defined the goals for the next term as “To unify and mobilize women to bring into full play their inner strengths, to proactively and enthusiastically participate in socio-economic development and national defense; To build happy and sustainable families; To improve women’s material and spiritual life; To cultivate the Vietnamese women of patriotism, health, knowledge, working skills, resourcefulness, creativity, cultured life-style and kind-heartedness; To build VWU’s strong organization and ability to play fully its key role in women’s activities and gender equality realization”.

The Congress will appeal to the women nationwide to continue carrying out the emulation movement “Women study actively, work creatively and nurture happy families” integrated with the movement of learning and following the fine virtues of Ho Chi Minh; to expand and intensify the campaign “Building the family of 5 Without-s and 3 Clean-s” (Without poverty, law violation and social evils, domestic violence, giving birth to the third child or more, having malnourished and school drop-out children; clean house, kitchen and surrounding lanes); and to promote and strive for the moral qualities “Self-confidence, Self-respect, Faithfulness, Resourcefulness”.

The Congress will define the next period’s main tasks, namely: Providing communication, education and mobilization of women to implement laws and policies, to uphold fine virtues and to enhance their capacity and awareness; Mobilizing and assisting women in nurturing happy and sustainable families; Mobilizing and assisting women in economic development, sustainable poverty reduction and environmental protection; Advising and proposing, participating in the formulation, provision of social counter-arguments to laws and policies o­n gender equality, and in supervision of their enforcement; Building and developing VWU’s strong organization; and Strengthening international relations and cooperation.

On the threshold of this political event – a big festival of all Vietnamese women and VWU, we would like to extend our sincere thanks for your valuable support and cooperation so far, and we hope to receive your continuous cooperation in the future for women’s advancement, gender equality and VWU’s development.

More detailed information about the Congress could be obtained at VWU website hoilhpn.org.vn; vwu.vn or VWU International Relations Department (Tel: +844 3972.0067; Email: asiapacific.vwu@gmail.com).

With best regards,

Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa

President, Vietnam Women’s Union