6 Suggestions Related to Marriage between Vietnamese Women and Foreigners - Submitted to the Party and the Government

The VWU’s Presidium in Ho Chi Minh City hosted a conference titled “Marital Issue’s Between Vietnamese Women and Foreigners”. Taking place on June, 9 – 10, 2006, the conference came up with 6 suggestions to the Party and the Government, as follows:

·The secretariat will promulgate instructions to enhance/strengthen the leadership of the family and marital relationships involving foreign elements and preventing the trafficking in women and children.


·Researching and amending some regulations in marital and family law such as: disparity in age between male and female before marriage, requiring certain knowledge in their language when married, Vietnamese women should be consulted at the Marital Assistance Center of VWU when considering marriage to foreigners.


·Direct several relevant sectors to cooperate closely with VWU in formulating joint document in organization and operating mechanism of the Marital Assistant Center with foreigners.


·Direct relevant sectors and People’s Committees at all levels to implement marriage affairs involving foreign elements; to work out stricter measures for preventing and treating illegal marriage brokers, eliminating gathering places for foreigners to see faces and chose prospective Vietnamese brides.


·Direct sectors, ministries and local authorities at all levels in the investment of vocational training programs, job creation for women, especially in areas where there are high records of Vietnamese women who have married foreigners.

Ngoc Thuy – Hoang Anh
Translated by VWU’s Int’l Relations Department