Active response to special emulation campaign "90 practical actions for women and children"

On the occasion of the 110th anniversary of the International Women's Day - March 8 and the 1980th anniversary of Trung sisters' uprising, many provincial and city Women’s Unions (WU) launched a special emulation campaign towards the 90th anniversary of the VWU’s establishment with the theme "90 practical actions for women and children".
Bac Giang Provincial Women's Union deploys emulation campaign "90 practical actions for women and children" associated with new rural development activities.

All levels of Quang Binh Provincial Women's Union launched a series of activities such as trash bin installation and household organic waste pit making; environmental sanitation, garbage collection; flower and plant growing in households and residential areas; resource mobilizations to donate hygienic garbage cans for difficult households.

On the first day of the launched campaign, 151 out of 151 WUs of communes, wards, and townships organized activities of environment sanitation, garbage collection combined with communication and leaflet distribution giving instructions on Covid-19 prevention and control; more than 72 thousand households participated in trash bin and organic waste pit installation; 35 routes of "Model new rural flower road" were formed in residential areas, bringing the total number of flower roads taken care of by WUs in the whole province up to 564.

Bac Giang Provincial Women's Union focused on two grassroots models, specifically building "Bright - Green - Clean - Beautiful - Safe" road with a target of at least 9 roads built in each district/city; piloting a model of "Safe village" in Non Dai hamlet, Quang Tien commune, Tan Yen district to raise awareness of WU staff, members, and people on ensuring the safety for women and children in the locality.

Khanh Hoa Provincial Women's Union launched "Savings Week for WU staff, members, and women in difficulties", providing financial support for 4 WU staff and members in difficult circumstances worth VND 20 million mobilized from donors.

 All levels of Dak Lak Provincial Women's Union responded actively to the province's action of "Paying debts of gratitude to 90 women households with meritorious service" by giving 36 savings books worth VND 167 million to 36 poor women households with meritorious service to the revolution.

Gia Lai Provincial Women's Union implemented the theme of the year associated with the special emulation campaign "90 actions for peace and happiness of women and children in Gia Lai".

An Giang Provincial Women's Union in coordination with An Giang Provincial Association for Women Entrepreneurs held a meeting to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the International Women's Day - March 8 and the 1980th anniversary of Trung sisters' uprising, and launched the special emulation campaign "90 practical actions for women and children”, implementing the theme of “Safety Year for Women and Children”. At the meeting, the provincial WU received nearly VND 1.3 billion from agencies, businesses, sponsors to support scholarships and social protection activities for WU members, women, and girls in difficult circumstances in the province.

Translated by VWU IRD