Ambassador TON NU THI NINH

M.P for Ba Ria – Vung Tau

Vice-chair, Foreign Affairs Committee

National Assembly of S.R. Viet Nam

Ambassador Ton-nu-thi Ninh is a member of Viet Nam’s law-making body, the National Assembly, representing the southern coastal province of Ba Ria – Vung Tau. In her position as Vice-Chair of the National Assembly Foreign Affairs Committee, her mission has been to develop and enhance Viet Nam’s relations with the countries of North America (particularly, the United States) and Western Europe. She travels frequently to the United States and Europe and regularly interacts with senior government and business leaders both abroad and in Viet Nam. She has also represented Viet Nam in international conferences among world leaders to discuss issues with global implications. She is widely recognized as an effective spokesperson for Viet Nam.


Prior to holding her current position, Mme Ninh served, for over two decades, as a diplomat in Viet Nam’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, specializing in multilateral institutions (the United Nations, the Non-Aligned Movement, Francophonie, The Association of South East Asian Nations) and global issues (international peace and security, development, environment, governance, human rights ...) As advisor to Viet Nam’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, she was responsible for key international efforts o­n behalf of Viet Nam, such as the holding of the Summit of French-Speaking Countries in 1997 in Ha Noi. From 2000 to 2003, she was Viet Nam’s Ambassador to Belgium, Luxembourg and Head of the Mission to the European Union in Brussels.


Mme Ninh grew up in France, was educated at Sorbonne University and Cambridge University and started her career as an academic. She taught English and English literature at Paris University in the late 1960s and later at Saigon University until 1975.


Born in Hue, Central Viet Nam, into a traditional family, she developed her political commitment to the National Liberation Front for South Viet Nam early o­n during her student days in Paris. Since then, she has been consistently active in social issues, with a special interest o­n gender. She served a term o­n the Central Executive o­n the Viet Nam Women’s Union.


Most recently, in addtion to her responsibilities with the National Assembly, Mme Ninh has been nominated a member of the Prime Minister's Task Force to establish a top class university for Viet Nam.