ASEAN fund helps to end poverty elimination.

In the morning of February 12th 2009 in Hanoi, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs with the cooperation of ASEAN Fund, organized a workshop on ASEAN Fund and Solidarity Fund-Japan, with an aim to provide information and guidelines on making proposals for projects to be funding in ASEAN to improve the effectiveness and quality of making proposals and the implementation of cooperative projects in the Initiatives for ASEAN Integration.

ASEAN Fund was established in 1997 in the Decision of ASEAN leaders at the High-level Meeting to commemorate the 30 years of ASEAN. The aim of ASEAN Fund is to sponsor programs, cooperative and interactive projects with the participation of all classes of people in ASEAN; support to develop the human resources; alleviate poverty and narrow the growing gaps in ASEAN.
Translated by Kim Ngan-Int’l Relations Dept