Bringing into play elderly people's potentials

The Elderly People's Associations at all levels have been strengthened and developed in all aspects to deserve the eighteen gold words " Aged People with Stronger Will Setting Bright Example for the Cause of National Construction and Defence" which were presented by the Party Central Committee's Secretariat to the Vietnamese Elderly People's Association at its second congress in 2001.

This is a praise of Vietnamese elderly people and a great and glorious task assigned by the Party to Vietnamese elderly people and their associations at all levels.

Based o­n the aspiration of elderly people nationwide, the Prime Minister chose June 6, 1941, when leader Nguyen Ai Quoc wrote an article entitled "Respectfully to people" as the traditional day of Vietnamese elderly people.

The executive board of the central Elderly People's Association marked the 65th anniversary of the traditional day of the Vietnamese elderly people and deployed "Year of Elderly People's Culture" highlighting Ho Chi Minh culture and making further contributions to the country's renovation and national construction and defence.

In the past years, the emulation movement "aged people, bright example" is a good result of useful works of elderly people and their association. These include economic development, thus contributing to hunger elimination and poverty reduction

Along with useful activities at grassroots levels, there have appeared thousands of good examples in all fields of the society and authorities have trusted and spoken highly of the role of elderly people and their association. Thousands of old people have been given certificates of merit.

In implementation of Uncle Ho's teaching and thought and Party's instructions and resolutions and to mark the third national congress of the Vietnamese elderly people, which starts in Hanoi today, the association's emulation movement has been widely deployed. The role of elderly people has been shown in economic, cultural life and building a national unity block. In 2006, storms caused heavy losses in life and properties for people in the central and southern regions. The elderly people's associations at all levels, in co-ordination with fatherland fronts and other organisations, have encouraged people to help the victims. In remote and mountainous areas, elderly people have encouraged their families to escape poverty and help o­ne another for a better life. 

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