Conference to get opinions on Gender Equality Law


In Hanoi, in the morning of November 28th 2005, the National Committee for the Advancement of Women held the Conference to get opinions on the 3rd Draft of the Gender Equality Law in regards to the issues stated in the Convention on Elimination of all Forms of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) such as: political participation, jobs, education, health care, marriage and family, gender violence and rural areas.

Present at the conference were nearly 60 participants including Deputy Director of Judicial Authority-a member of the Board for the Advancement of Women and the standing members of 29 northern provincial Boards for the Advancement of Women.


At the conference, participants listened to the speech o­n “Human Rights with Gender Equality” made by PhD. Cao Duc Thai – Director of the Institute for Human Right Study belonging to the Hochiminh National Political Institute; and “Introduction of the 3rd Draft contents and preparation” by Mrs. Le Thi Ngan Giang – Deputy Head of the VWU’s Legal Department.


After the 2 presentations, the participants enthusiastically discussed at plenary sessions and in small groups.
by Hoai Linh