Congratulations on 90th anniversary of Vietnam Women's Union from World Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association(WWIEA)

On its 90th anniversary (Oct. 20, 1930 - Oct. 20, 2020), the Vietnam Women's Union has received a lot of congratulations from its international partners and friends. The VWU's Portal would like to introduce the full text of congratulatory letter from World Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association(WWIEA)


                                                                                                                                 Seoul, 28 September 2020

Hello. I'm Mi-young Han, President of World Women Inventors and Entrepreneurs Association(WWIEA). First of all, I would like to congratulate Vietnam Women's Union(VWU) for its 90th anniversary of the founding.

For last ten years, I've witnessed Vietnam's splendid growth in all sectors of the country including political, economic, social, and cultural development. Especially, there has been remarkable achievement in gender equality and women's rights movement led by Vietnam Women Association.

Commemorating October 20th, the foundation day of Vietnam Women's Union(VWU), as Women's Day in Vietnam shows that VWU has contributed a lot on the country's socio-economic development for last 90 years by successfully leading in Human resource development of women.

We are facing the Fourth Industrial Revolution, which is characterized by artificial intelligence, big data, and Internet of Things(IOT). In order to deal with the rapidly changing world, it is important to develop potential human resource of women and promote women's social activities.

In this regard, I believe that Vietnam as the leader of ASEAN and especially Vietnam Women's Union(VWU) will play a significant role in the future.

I have a special relationship with Vietnam Women's Union(VWU). For the long time, VWU and WWIEA have been building close friendship trying to devise better policies for women in Vietnam. It is a precious and beautiful memory for me to work together.

I will be the friend of VWU forever and I wish all the very best for you. Once again, congratulations on the 90th anniversary of the founding. Thank you.

Best regards,

Mi-young Han


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