Cooperation in promoting gender equality and women's empowerment

On December 10, the Vietnam Women's Union (VWU) and Nestlé Vietnam signed a cooperation agreement for three-year period 2020-2022 in supporting women's comprehensive development, ensuring their safety and improving their quality of life through healthcare and nutrition for women and children.

The agreement focuses on three main areas, including: Promoting communication to raise awareness on gender equality and women's empowerment; Supporting women to increase income, create jobs for economic development; Sharing experiences and successful models for extension of  good practices.

 VWU Vice President Tran Thi Huong speaks at the ceremony

Delivering her speak at the ceremony, VWU Vice President Tran Thi Huong said that Nestlé Vietnam Co., Ltd. has accompanied the Women's Union at all levels in many communication programs to improve knowledge on nutrition, business skills and income generation for rural women, in activities of National Target Programme on New Rural Development... Besides, Nestlé always has timely support and accompanying the VWU in the prevention of COVID-19. Especially, the company has supported the central provinces affected by floods on October and November with a total value of 4 billion VND, including products and cash for severely affected families.

This event also marks 3-year cooperation milestone between Nestlé Vietnam and the VWU on health care, nutrition, safety for women and children.

The signing ceremony of a cooperation agreement between the Vietnam Women's Union and Nestlé Vietnam

Through the programme called 'Sister Nest', Ms. Nguyen Minh Nguyet, Director of Food Business from Nestle Vietnam, informed: "It has helped support of training to improve knowledge about nutrition, business skills and increasing income for rural women. Nestle Vietnam in co-operation with the VWU has helped connect 3,000 members in 2,000 communes in 20 provinces and support more than 500,000 rural households, concretizing the join efforts of commitment for women’s empowerement.”

“Women's empowerment and gender equality are among the top priorities for Nestlé. We have realised these commitments by building specific staff development policies and strategies and building equality based culture and environment respecting differences and the principles of empowering women in our company and throughout our value chain through collaboration with government partners and agencies,” shared Binu Jacob, Managing Director of Nestlé Vietnam.


Translated by VWU International Relations Department