Delegation of Committee on Quality of Life and Status of Women From North West Provincial Legislature Has Working Visit with VWU

During their study tour to Vietnam from 15-23/9/2007 to learn about Vietnam’s experiences in gender equality, poverty eradication through women’s employment programs, measures and policies of combating HIV/AIDS transmission, etc., the delegation of the Committee on Quality of Life and Status of Women From North West Provincial Legislature, in South Africa, had a working visit with the VWU on 17 September. Welcoming the delegation was Ms. Pham Hoai Giang, Member of VWU’s Presidium and Head of the International Relations Department.

At the meeting, both parties exchanged informationabout gender equality, the advancement of women, and empowering women’s capacity in politics. It was confirmed by both parties that women in South Africa and in Vietnam have similar points. Although there are a lot of difficulties, both governments are paying a lot of attention to gender equality issues and have made many improvements. According to Ms. Kesenkamang Veronica Kekesi, Chairperson of the Standing Committee o­n Quality of Life and Status of Women in North West Province, at present in South Africa, 45% of the members of Government are women; the Vice Prime Minister, Chairperson of National Committees and Speaker of the Government are women; five out of nine Heads of Provinces are women; the retirement ages for men and women are the same (60 years old); and children go to school (from kindergarten to high school) for free and are served lunch at school. The delegation expressed its appreciation for the VWU’s experience in building its structure and contributing to legislation related to children and women, especially the Gender Equality Law. It also suggested that both parties should have more delegation exchanges in order to share experiences related to the equality, advancement and development of women in both countries.


During their study tour in Vietnam, the delegation has also worked with other VWU’s Departments — NCFAW, MOLISA, MOH, the Social Affairs Commission of the Vietnam National Assembly, and MOET. Madam Nguyen Thanh Hoa Vice President of Vietnam Women’ Union had a cordial dinner with the delegation. The South African Embassy in Hanoi has been supportive and helpful to the delegation through the visit.

Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept.
According to the Information Center