Delegation of Cuban Women’s Federation Visited Vietnam Women’s Union

In the morning of 29 March, the delegation of Cuban Women’s Federation leaded by Ms. Surina Acosta Brooks, member of Cuban State council, member of Cuban Women’s Federation’s Secretariat, General Secretary of Santiago de Cuba provincial Women’s Federation, visited Vietnam Women’s Union on the occasion of its visit to Vietnam from 28 March to 2 April, 2008. Joining the delegation were representatives from Cuban Embassy to Hanoi

Ms. H’Ngam Nie KDam, Vice President of VWU together with representatives of leaders of VWU’s departments/units warmly welcomed the delegation.

On behalf of the VWU’s Presidium, Ms. H’Ngam Nie KDam highly commented the special solidarity and valuable support of Cuban people to Vietnam in the past years. Every Vietnamese people always keep in mind and heart the special sentiment of Cuban people to Vietnam through the historical statement of President Fidel Castro Ruz:”For Vietnam, Cuba is willing to dedicate its own blood”. Therefore, Vietnamese people in general and women in particular have been very concerned and supportive to Cuba in every fields to boost the solidarity of the two countries to a new level. This visit to Vietnam of the delegation had an important meaning and marked new development steps in the inseparable relations between two women’s organizations and women in Vietnam and Cuba.


At the meeting,Ms. H’Ngam Nie KDam and leaders of VWU’s departments/unitsVWU’s recent efforts, achievements and experiences and Vietnamese women’s movements. She also analyzed the meaning and content of the patriotic emulation movement as well as major tasks of VWU and Vietnamese women in the coming period of Vietnam in boosting industrialization, modernization and international integration.


Vice president H’Ngam Nie KDam affirmed that Vietnamese women will always remain loyal friends of Cuban women and hoped that both sides will share experiences to speed up the development of women’s movement in both countries.


On behalf of Cuban Women’s Federation, Ms. Surina Acosta Brooks thanked VWU’s invitation and hospitality extended to the delegation. She also informed about the contribution of Cuban women in every field of political, social economic life of Cuba under the leadership of Cuban Communist Party. At present, Cuban female labor play an important role in the development of Cuban (accounting for over 64% in labor force, 60% in education and healthcare field, 51% in scientific research and 46% in economy… ). There are more and more Cuban women holding positions of leaders, managers in Cuba. In political field, female member of Cuban Parliament accounts for 43% of total members (ranked third in the world). Today, Cuba has 6 female Ministers, 46 female Deputy Ministers…Cuban women also play a very important role in their families. In justice field, Cuban women at all strata make contribution to building and implementing laws and policies related to women and family such as Law o­n Mother and Children, Law o­n Female Labor, Law o­n Family…Therefore, the Cuban State, Party, and President Fidel Castro Ruz have fully recognized women’s role and created favorable conditions for women to bring into play their role as a great strength and an important force to speed up the development of Cuban revolution.


Ms. Surina Acosta Brooks expressed her deep admiration and appreciation of achievements of Vietnamese women in the national defence and construction as well as the success of VWU gained in term IX (2002-2007) and the recent trainings and implementation of the Resolution of the 10th National Women’s Congress. Especially the promulgation of Resolution No. 11 by the Political Bureau and the Law o­n Gender Equality in Vietnam at the advocacy of VWU affirmed the effort, active as well as the role and position of VWU in its activities for the equality and development of Vietnamese women. She cited that Cuban Women’s Federation and Vietnam women’s Union share similarities in its current activities.


Ms. Surina Acosta Brooks, o­n behalf of Cuban women, thanked the valuable support of Vietnamese people in general and women in particular to Cuba in the past time. She hoped that the solidarity and friendship between people and women in Cuba and Vietnam will be further strengthened for sustainable development in bothcountries and for the aim of equality, advancement and peace of women all over the world. o­n this occasion, the delegation also visited Ho Chi Minh Women’s Union – a “twin city” with Sanchiago de Cuba city where Ms.Surina Acosta Brooks is the General Secretary of the City Women’s Federation.

Translated by the Int’l Relations Dept.,