Delta myasthenia found in Ha Tay

Nearly 60 children of under 15 years old in Vat Lai Commune, Ba Vi District, northern Ha Tay Province have symptoms of delta myasthenia like children in Nghi Xuan, central Ha Tinh Province. Haft of them are students of the Vat Lai Secondary School.

Nguyen Duy Bang, Director of the Vat Lai Secondary School, said that Yen Bo village has up to 59 children under 15 years old, who are displaying symptoms of delta myasthenia, including 23 pupils at his school (10 boys and 13 girls).

Doctors of the Central Pediatrics Hospital are in Vat Lai Commune to examine children with delta myasthenia symptoms. They have confirmed that children have delta myasthenia, which was found in hundreds of children in Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh Province.

Through examinations in Yen Bo Village, doctors found 82 children with delta myasthenia. 71 of them must be hospitalised, while the remainder need home treatment under the supervision of doctors.

Doctors said that the number of children in Vat Lai with delta myasthenia may be in the hundreds, many of whom are infected but not yet displaying symptoms.

Director of the local hospital, Dr. Nguyen Thanh Liem, said that many localities have detected instances of delta myasthenia, for example in Trieu Son, central Thanh Hoa Province and northern Phu Tho Province. The hospital is researching causes of the disease under the auspices of the Ministry of Health.

The most effective method to cure this disease is through injections of strong antibiotics. Most of the children with delta myasthenia in Nghi Xuan, Ha Tinh have begun treatment. Dr. Liem said that the Central Pediatrics’ Hospital will transfer treatment techniques to local hospitals so they can conduct operations for delta myasthenia patients. The cost for a full course of treatment is VND1.5-2mil (US$94 – 125).

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