Diana Abruzzi

Ms. Abruzzi is the Chairman and Founder of the International Women's Federation of Commerce and Industry (IWFCI); the first Chamber of Commerce for women in the world at the time of its inaugural meeting in 1992 in Melbourne.

Ms Abruzzi is a well-known as a public speaker o­n major issues to women. In this capacity she has greatly assisted with small business development, international trade and the general economic advancement of women in business, whilst at the same time acquiring a deep understanding of the unique needs of women, and men, in business around the world.


Ms Abruzzi has been involved in many international forums relating to the needs of women:

Øacting as an adviser for the 1998 Women Ministerial Meeting in the Philippines.

Øspeaking engagements at the Women’s Leaders Meeting in Brunei o­n “Women as Global Traders”

Øthe Global Forum of Women Political Leaders for the Beijing + 5 Review o­n “Partnerships between Government and Private Enterprise – Is It Possible”

Øthe 2nd Asia Pacific Businesswomen Convention in the Philippines and at the last 2003 WLN meeting in Thailand o­n “SME’ the new economic leaders”

Øthe 2004 WLN meeting in Chile “Women Entrepreneurs as Global Traders”

ØThe 2005 WLN meeting in Korea “Best Practices of supporting Women Enterprises”

Ø2005 WLN Meeting in Korea IWFCI’s Korean-Australian Trade Conference “Women in a Borderless world”

ØMs Abruzzi has just recently been included in the first WHO’s WHO of Australian Women


A founding member o­n the board of trustees for the Carl Wood Foundation, the trust will raise funds for the sole purpose of research into Women’s Health.

Ms Abruzzi is Vice President of Development Management International (D.M.I) that provides strategic business services in developing markets.


Publisher/Partner of the "Business Women's Review" magazine (BWR), Former member of the Asian/Australian Consultative Council, a Board Member of the Small Business Council Victoria, Councilor of the State Chamber of Commerce, and also Co-Founder of the European Chamber of Commerce.


Currently Ms Abruzzi is Vice President and founding member of the first Women’s Business Council-APEC economies formed in 1998.


Ms Abruzzi and colleagues have coordinated the research and feasibility studies into a business for the formation of the first Australian Women’s Bank and a Global Business Centre.Ms Abruzzi has long been an advocate of SME’s and has begun to address four areas most needed and talked about at the APEC level in how to mobilise SME’s across the Asia Pacific, i.e. Finance, Markets, Education and IT. Ms Abruzzi has been involved for over eight years as the Australian Focal Point to the Women's Leaders Meeting (WLN).


Diana R. Abruzzi

Founder & Chairman, International Women’s Federation of Commerce & Industry Limited (IWFCI)

P.O. Box 148, Bulleen Victoria Australia 3105

+61 (03) 9846 8599/9846 3539

+61 (0) 419 539 106