Digital literacy for women in the context of international integration

On the morning of December 8, the Vietnam Women's Union in collaboration with the Ministry of Information and Communications organized an online digital literacy training for women in the context of international integration.
At the training (Photo: Trong Dat)

The training was to raise the awareness and provide knowledge for WU staff, members and women on digital technology application in daily life and business. About 200 participants who are WU’s staff, business women from 63 provinces and cities all over the country had joined the training.

Speaking at the training, Deputy Minister of Information and Communications Phan Tam said that Vietnam was gradually recovering, adapting and building a new normal life in the context of Covid-19 pandemic. We were carrying out the all-people and comprehensive digital transformation, towards the goal of building a digital economy, digital society, and digital government, catching up with the development opportunities that the 4th Industrial Revolution had created. Therefore, it was essential for women to study and equip themselves with digital knowledge and skills so as not to fall behind and continue to play a pivotal role in the new era.   

Mr. Phan Tam - Deputy Minister of Information and Communications. (Photo: Trong Dat)

According to Ms. Nguyen Thi Minh Huong – VWU Vice President, the IT application had been identified as a breakthrough in the WU's activities. The information exchanged and shared during the training was very practical in order to concretize the WU’s action plans to implement the Resolution of the all-level Women's Congresses. 

Experienced lecturers from the Academy of Journalism and Communications, Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology and the Vietnam Post provided information, knowledge and skills when participating in the digital environment including opportunities and challenges of women in the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and ways to do marketing and put products on the e-commerce platform. They also proposed mechanism of cooperation between the Vietnam Post and the Women's Union.

Participants from the provinces enthusiastically raised questions to the lecturers focusing on asking for advice to put their products on the e-commerce platforms and reach out to more consumers in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic.


Translated by VWU International Relations Department