Dr. Kio Chung Kim

2005-Present: Executive Director, APEC Women’s e-Business Center

1998- Present: Executive Director, Asian Pacific Women’s Information Network Center

1986- Present: Professor, School of information science, Sookmyung Women’s University


PhD (Computer Science), Clarkson University, U.S.A.

M.A. (Computer Science), Clarkson University, U.S.A.

B.A. (Chemistry), Yonsei University, Seoul Korea

Selected Publications:

·“Supporting Potential Women Exporters: Optimizing ICT",  p. 71-93, APWIN vol 6, ISSN= 1229-7437, December, 2004

·"Model of Women's Informatization Indicator", p. 242-246, Key Engineering Materials, vol.277-279, ISSN=1013-9826

·“Strategies to build a Regional ICT Center for Women's Advancement in Asia-Pacific”, p. 71-93, APWIN vol 4, ISSN= 1229-7437, May, 2002

·“Indicators for Women's Informatization”. p. 117-131,  APWIN Vol. 3, ISSN= 1229-7437 March, 2001

·"Clustering and Informatization of Women Enterprises", APEC Symposium o­n Industrial Clustering o­n SMEs, March 8-9, 2005, Taipei, Taiwan

·"Empowering Women through Life Long Learning Utilizing ICT", International LearnTec Forum 2005, Feb. 14-15,  Karlsruhe, Germany

·"ICT Capcity Building for potential Women Exporters", Dialogue with APEC CTI and GFPN, Sep. 28. 2004, Santiago, Chile

·"Supporting Potential Women Exporters: Optimizing ICTs in Korea", World Bank Video Seminar o­n Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) and Female Labor Force Participation - Private Sector Opportunities, Nov. 18, 2004, Participating Sites: Washington DC, Bangkok, Beijing, Seoul

·"Women's Informatization Indicators in Asian Countries", World Bank Video Seminar o­n Measuring the Impact of ICTs o­n Men and Womenin Developing Countries, Jan 26, 2004, Participating Sites: Washington DC, New York, Manila, Toronto, Tokyo, Seoul

·"Focus o­n Academic Research and North-South Collaboration", World Summit o­n the Information Society Gender Caucus (WSIS-GC): Debates and Dialogues, WSIS, Dec..8-13, 2003, Geneva, Switzland

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·"Are ICTs Empowering Women or Are Women Empowering ICTs?", WENT(Asia Pacific Women's Electronic Network Training Workshop) 5th Anniversary Symposium, Oct. 16, 2003, Seoul, Korea