Dr Patrice Braun

Patrice Braun is a Research Fellow at the Centre for Regional Innovation & Competitiveness (CRIC) at the University of Ballarat, which has a focus on small business and community capacity building; the adoption and use of ICT technologies; regional clustering and networks; demand and integrated resource management for regions.


Patrice holds a PhD in regional development and small business innovation underpinned by technology. Patrice also holds a Masters by Research in information delivery via the Internet for community education. Much of Patrice’s work has a focus o­n women entrepreneurship, ICT and capacity building for women-owned small and micro enterprise. Patrice is the Australian focal point for the APEC research o­n Women's Participation in the Digital Economy.


Patrice is an action researcher. Her research and consultancy philosophy is to work with rather than on people to achieve engagement, collaborative learning and action-oriented outcomes. Patrice is a regular speaker as APEC and OECD forums o­n women and small business development. Her interests include the weaving of technology with sustainable economic, social, environmental, and governance practices towards building capacity and viability for and with women in regional settings.


Dr. Patrice Braun

Research Fellow

Centre for Regional Innovation & Competitiveness (CRIC)

University of Ballarat

POBox 663, Ballarat, Vic 3353

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