Embassy of Russia in Vietnam responds to program “Million gifts of great solidarity for the South to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic”

In response to the program “Million gifts of great solidarity for the South to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic” launched by the Central Vietnam Women's Union (VWU), on September 7, Ms. Elena Bezdetko, Wife of the Russian Federation Ambassador to Vietnam, on behalf of Embassy staffs, has presented the gifts to support the VWU’s Covid-19 prevention work.

Ms. Elena Bezdetko shared her family’s sentimental attachment to Vietnam since 1991 and now in the role of the Russian Ambassador's wife, her sympathy to Vietnamese women who are being heavily affected by Covid-19. Responding to VWU's open letter calling for donation to realize the goal “Millions of loving gifts for women and children in the South to overcome the Covid-19 pandemic”, the Russian Embassy has mobilized its staffs to donate necessities to women and children in extreme difficulties due to the pandemic.

Ms. Elena Bezdetko (right) presents gifts to support the program

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai Linh - member of the VWU Presidium and Head of the International Relation Department - has received donation from the Russian Embassy including medical face masks, personal protective clothing, sanitary napkins and diapers. The VWU commits to send them out to frontline forces and people including women and children severely affected by the Covid-19 pandemic, she stated.

At the meeting, Ms. Linh also expressed her sincere thanks and gratitude for the Russia’s support for the Vietnamese people and women. Vietnam always attaches great importance to and promote the comprehensive strategic partnership with the Russian Federation.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Hoai Linh (right) gives a letter of thanks from the VWU President to Ms. Elena Bezdetko

She also hopes that the Russian Embassy in Vietnam continues to attend future events organized by the VWU, to help the VWU connecting with Russian partners in the areas related to women and gender equality, women leaders, entrepreneurs, scientific researchers..., thereby enhancing cooperation and understanding among women, young generations and people of the two countries.


Translated by VWU International Relations Department