Excellent female student from a poor family

Her mother, Pham Thi Su, 47, is an ex-soldier, is ill. Because of her ailment, all savings have been spent on her medicine and hospital fees

To help her mother, o­n her days-off, My Nhung often goes to fetch wood for sale and seek left-over potatoes and cassava for food. In spite of this, she is still an excellent student. From the first to eleventh grade, she has always been  an excellent student. She has also won prizes at competitions for excellent students in the city. In addition, she is devoted to her mother.   When her mother was at hospital, after her schooling, she often cycled 15 kilometres to the hospital to take care of her mother.

My Nhung has also taken an active part in Youth Union work. In her village of Hoa Khung Tay, Hoa Nhon commune, My Nhung is an active Youth member who is ready to join activities to build the Youth Union. She is loved by people
Nhan Dan Newspaper