Family planning helps Kon Tum village thrive

Kontum Ko Pang Village in Kon Tum Province has led the area not only in economic and cultural development but also in successfully carrying out new family planning policies.

"The village has 217 households with more than 1,000 people, most of whom are ethnic minorities. In the past, more than half of the total number of families in the village had between five and six children, with some families having as many as eight. Because of this many people suffered in poverty. But recently, the situation has changed for the better. Most young couples in the village o­nly have o­ne or two children," said Abronh, head of the village.

According to Abronh, the village has about 60 young couples, and o­nly three of them have more than two children. The others have used modern contraceptive methods, obeying the regulations of the village.

This is not a miracle; it is due to the effort of the village’s devoted people who want to build a better life, for themselves and for their children.

Every Monday when people salute the flags, the head of the village and the patriarch or members of the Women’s Union branch takes a few minutes to tell stories about family planning, relaying information o­n effective contraceptives and the specific harms of having too many children. Families who successfully carry out the regulations are praised and shown as examples for the others in the village.

Collaborators in the family planning sector often visit each family to encourage newly married husbands and wives to use proper contraceptives.

Everyday, Y Lim, a village collaborator, goes to the houses and waits for the couples to come back from work so she can talk with them. She even brings paintings for detailed explanations.

Y Lim is o­ne of the women in the village praised for her outstanding family planning practise. She got married at age 21, but didn’t have her first child for another three years. She waited until they had a nice house and a stable income. Now she has two children who are well-behaved and excel at their studies.

"Since we don’t have as many children as people did before, we can concentrate further o­n our businesses," said Y Lim.

They have been able to afford adequate accommodations in their home and two family motorbikes. Y Lim is also currently attending classes to improve her business skills.

Y Lim’s family is o­nly o­ne of many in the village practising modern birth-control methods, granting higher living standards and ensuring that the children have a brighter future.