Festival commemorates Mother Au Co

The festival of Temple worshiping Lady Au Co, who is believed the mother of the Vietnamese people, kicked off on February 20 at Hien Luong commune, Ha Hoa district, northern midland province of Phu Tho, to celebrate the creation of the Vietnamese people in the lead-up to the 1,000th anniversary of Thang Long- Hanoi.

National Assembly Vice Chairwoman Tong Thi Phong offered incense to commemorate King Hung and Mother Au Co and wished the people of Phu Tho province a happy new year.


According to the legend, the seventh day of the New Year was the day that Mother Au Co met and felt in love with Father Lac Long Quan. Legend has it that she gave birth to 100 children who became the first Vietnamese.


At 8.30pm, a group of male bearers carried a palanquin (a sedan type chair) of Hung Tran Quy Minh – patron deity of the village, to the temple of Mother Au Co. The procession was accompanied by people carrying colorful flags.


A funeral oration was read out outlining Mother Au Co’s strong character and achievements. The oration included a prayer for a good crop and peace throughout the country.


The festival featured art performances such as music and traditional games.