First Vietnamese girl receives US Berklee College of Music scholarship

Than Trong Uyen Phuong, 23 years old, who won 7 gold medals at piano and organ contests organized by Yamaha, Casino, Kawai in Vietnam, has become the first Vietnamese student achieving a scholarship of the Piano Performance Department, Berklee College of Music in Boston, US.

She was o­ne of five people honored at the Asian Young Talent Classical Piano Competition in 2007 in Singapore.

After two years of studying music at Golden West College, California, US, she sought a scholarship and took the entrance examination for Berklee College of Music.

Passing many examinations and interviews about her music career in the future, Uyen Phuong was reported to have been admitted into the Berklee College of Music o­n September 15.

Accordingly, three days after receiving the results, Uyen Phuong will know the value of her scholarship (the lowest is 30% and the highest is a full scholarship)

It is said that the entrance exam for the Piano Performance Department is strict and the cost to study piano there is very high – 70,000 USD per year, according to the college’s website.


BTA (According to Thanh Nien)