French people support Vietnamese Agent Orange victims

Visitors to the first international photo festival opened in Sarcelles city, 20 km east of Paris, France, on April 8, signed their names into a petition, expressing their support to Vietnamese Agent Orange/dioxin victims in the lawsuit against US chemical producers.

At the festival, many French people asked for a just decision for those who caused pains for the Vietnamese people, especially children, stressing that the world have been and would be destroyed not o­nly by those who commit crimes, but also those who o­nly look at criminals without interference.

Twenty-one photographers from France, Italy, Canada, the US, Brazil, Germany, Britain, Israel, Palestine and Armenia took part in the festival called "Photsoc".

On the pavillion named Souffrir, photos taken by Philip John Grigffiths, former President of the Magnum Photographers' Association, reflect mental and physical pains being suffered by Vietnamese children though the war ended more than 30 years ago.

At a a workshop held within the framework of the photo festival, Vo Dinh Kim, a representative from the Paris-based Collectif Viet Nam Dioxin, affirmed that dioxin is an issue of not o­nly Viet Nam but also the world. He called o­n governments, social organisations, non-governmental organisations and people in the world to support and assist the Vietnamese victims in the lawsuit as well as assist Viet Nam to detoxicate Agent Orange/dioxin-affected areas.

Kim urged the US authorities and chemical producers to take responsibility for the consequences caused by Agent Orange/dioxin which they had used during the war in Viet Nam

The Collectif Viet Nam Dioxin will hold a series of activities to support the Vietnamese victims, Kim said, adding its members will be present at the photo festival throughout April to speak about Agent Orange/dioxin consequences and victims' daily lives to visitors.
Vietnam News Agency