French people support Vietnamese Dioxin victims

In the afternoon of November 6th, Champ-de-Mars Square in Paris was more crowded than usual. Balloons and posters of orange color attracted high attention.

Responding to the appeal of Vietnam Dioxin Victim Support Association, more than 200 French and Vietnamese living overseas in Paris and other French cities gathered in order to call upon the world community to further support Vietnamese victim of Agent Orange/dioxin.


The drumbeats sounded strongly as an appeal for a good future. Many French organizations such as France-Vietnam Friendship Association (AAFV), Republic Veteran Association (ARAC), Vietnamese Union in France (UGVF), Vietnamese Student Union in France (UEVF), Vietnam Youth Union in France (UJVF), Vietnam Child Victims of Agent Orange/ dioxin, Committee for Van Canh Friendship Village, Peace Movement, and Law and Solidarity Union were present to show their support to Vietnam.

Mr. Raphael Vahe, ARAC President reiterated ARAC’s constant support to Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin, particularly as regard to their lawsuit against US chemical companies in the America. He called upon all ARAC members to further contribute to the common struggle for the victory of the culture of peace.


On behalf of AAFV, Mrs. Marie Helene Lavallard emphasized the importance of making the whole world aware of the US chemical war in Vietnam and the harmful and long lasting effects of Agent Orange/dioxin to Vietnamese people.


Mrs. Monique Picard Weyl, o­n behalf of the Law and Solidarity Union said the Vietnamese Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin have to have compensation and there must be stronger campaigns in the world to bring about justice for the victims. She also said that Agent Orange is a hot issue in the agenda of the International Democratic Bar Association held in Sofia, Bulgaria. International Days to support Victims of Agent Orange/dioxin are to be organized to speed up the solidarity movement o­n the occasion of the lawsuit filed by Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin in the United States.


Deputy mayor of Pradins City, Lot Province, Mr. Guy Lavergne, strongly accused of wars, especially the American War in Vietnam. Chairwoman of the Vietnam Youth Union in France, Ms. Nguyen Thanh Ha, said the Union launched many activities to support Agent Orange/dioxin victims and expressed belief o­n the success of the lawsuit.


On this occasion, at the Champ-de-Mars Square many pictures of Vietnamese victims of Agent Orange/dioxin were displayed by international photographers such as Alexis Duclos, former Gamma photo-journalist, Phili Jones Griffiths - famous journalist in Vietnam War, and Renault Khanh - free lance photographer.


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