Government works hard against HIV/AIDS

The Vietnamese Government is pumping more money into the fight against HIV/AIDS and has issued a series of documents aimed at bolstering care and treatment for HIV/AIDS patients.

In a decision regarding the management, consultancy, care and treatment of HIV carriers, the Prime Minister ordered health clinics, social welfare facilities, rehabilitation centres and prisons to provide necessary services for the HIV-positive people in their care.

These include medical check-ups, consultancy, care and treatment for HIV carriers and also funeral services for those who succumb to the deadly disease, the PM said.

The Prime Minister also signed a decree regulating the implementation of a number of articles of the Law o­n HIV/AIDS Prevention and Anti-Infection.

The document provides in details measures to reduce HIV infection and impact, including the distribution of HIV/AIDS anti-retroviral medicines.

Prominent in the document was the care of abandoned HIV-infected children and displaced HIV carriers in addition to the establishment of private centres to take care of HIV patients.

This year, the State's spending in this area is estimated to mount to VND 440 billion, a big leap from last year when the figure stood at o­nly VND 80 billion.

According to the Vietnam Department for HIV/AIDS Prevention and Fight, the battle against HIV/AIDS received VND 80 billion a year in the 2004-2006 period and o­nly VND 45 billion a year in the 1995-99 period.

By issuing guiding documents and increasing spending, the Vietnamese Government targets to keep HIV infections to under 0.27% of the population in 2007.

According to the country's Millennium Goals, the HIV infection rate has to remain below 0.3% by 2010 and beyond.

By the end of April, 124,223 people were reported to be carrying the HIV virus , of whom 23,611 had turned to full blown AIDS and 13,459 had died.