Greetings from Chairperson, Women’s Union of Russia

Dear Vietnamese friends!

 The Women’s Union of Russia is happy to convey its hearty and warmest greetings to delegates and guests of the 11-th Vietnam National Women’s Congress!

 On this significant day we are sending our compliments to Vietnam Women’s Union and with all our heart rejoice at its achievements in women’s advancement and realization of gender equality in the society.

 Owing to your fruitful activities Vietnamese woman has opportunity to occupy worthy position in civil society.

 From the very beginning of its establishment the Vietnam Women’s Union has been carrying out programs that serve the interests of State’s stable development and are aimed at defending of women’s rights, preserving of national traditions, strengthening links of generations.

 During these years the authority of Vietnamese women has been greatly increased and their creative, professional and spiritual potential has been used more fully.

 The Vietnamese Women’s Union successfully carries out partnership with national and international institutions and organizations.

We highly appreciate your input in Women’s International Democratic Federation’s activities.

The Women’s Union of Russia values long lasting friendship and cooperation between our organizations.

 Your positive experience and remarkable results in the sphere of women’s rights extending, advancement of women and improvement of families’ and children’s status are widely renowned not o­nly in your country but also abroad.

 We sincerely wish the Vietnamese Women’s Union further success and achievements o­n the highroad towards achievement of real gender equality.

 We wish delegates of the Congress fruitful work!

Let happiness, prosperity and health be in each Vietnamese family and in each Vietnamese home!

 Sincerely yours,

 Ekaterina Lakhova

Chairperson, Women’s Union of Russia