Greetings from Savings Bank Essen, Germany

We send our warmest greetings to the XI. National Congress of the
Vietnam Women's Union and wish the Congress best success.

Our cooperation with the Vietnam Women's Union, which started in 2005,
is based o­n the common belief that all endeavours will o­nly be
successful and sustainable, if they are carried out in a professional
way. TYM Fund is the best proof for this wisdom. It was the first
microfinance organization of Vietnam that received a Licence of SBV.
Being the owner of TYM, the VWU makes sure that the Fund can develop
steadily and reach more and more women.

We would be happy to see TYM become a model for other microfinance
projects in Vietnam and in the region, for example for the WFDF (Women
and Family Development Fund) in Laos und thus allow many people to get
access to suitable financial services.

We will continue our support for the Vietnam Women's Union. We just
signed the agreement for the next phase of our joint TYM project. In the
coming years our support will focus o­n the training and qualification of
women, especially the staff of TYM.

We wish all the delegates a successful Congress with important decisions
to bring further improvements to the life of Vietnamese women and
happiness to their families.

With the best wishes, also o­n behalf of our German colleagues,
Savings Bank Essen
Dr. Henning Osthues-Albrecht and Klaus Remmer