HIV-infected people given monthly allowances

HIV/AIDS infected adults living at State-owned welfare centres will be given monthly allowances of at least 140,000 VND, while child patients at these centres will receive at least 210,000 VND.

 Infected people living o­n their own will receive at least 65,000 VND per month.

The allowance levels are stipulated in a circulation guiding the implementation of the Prime Minister's Decision o­n policy for HIV/AIDS infected people and their caregivers at State welfare centres.

Under the circulation, issued recently by the Ministry of Labour, War Invalids and Social Affairs, allowances for HIV/AIDS infected persons living o­n their own are responsibility of communes, districts and townships. Allowances can be adjusted by provincial and municipal People's Committees, but must be equal to or higher than the stipulated 65,000 VND per month level.


Vietnam News Agency