Innovation Day for HIV/AIDS Prevention launched

The Ministry of Health and the World Bank (WB) launched the 2010 Innovation Day for HIV/AIDS Prevention with the theme ‘Community Initiative: Preventing AIDS’ on August 11 in Hanoi

It is an activity supported by the WB to collect effective ideas to limit the spread of HIV in the community, and restrict the effects of HIV/AIDS o­n the socio-economic development of the country.

The organisation board will provide start-up funds to put prize-winning innovative ideas into practice and create opportunities for individuals and units to meet and share experiences and issues of concern.

The participating ideas will focus o­n five main themes including models of behaviour change communication; efficient community-based intervention to prevent HIV/AIDS; preventing the spread of HIV/AIDS spread from mothers to children; care and support for people living with HIV/AIDS; and mobilising resources from communities and HIV-infected people to help control the epidemic.

It is expected that 40 prizes will be given awards, worth about US$10,000 each, said the organisation board. 

(Source: VNA)