Date of birth: 09/03/1961

·Ph. D in History Sciences

·President, Russian Academy of Business

·President, Publishing House ASMO-Press

·President, International Assembly of Economic, Cultural and Social Cooperation “Global World” (Austria, Vienna)

·Member, Working Group o­n the cultural issues under the President of the Russian Federation

·Member, Expert Council o­n the economic and investment policy under the Committee o­n the economic policy, private enterprise and tourism, State Duma (Parliament) of the Russian Federation

·Member of the Committee of 20, public organization uniting women-leaders of Russian business, stateswomen, prominent political and social figures


Education: Journalist, lawyer, Ph.D.


Main Business Steps:

·1990 - launched the USSR Journalists' Associations "ASMO-press" and JV "ASMO-press"

·1995 - established "D. E. & G. McGor International Pty Ltd"

·1996 - launched the International Assembly for Economic, Cultural and Scientific Cooperation "Global World"

·1998 - established Media Holding "ASMO-Invest" and JV "Northstar Capital Ltd."


Participation in public organizations:


President of the Russian Academy of Business; Publishing House ASMO-Press; President of the Global World IAECSC; Vice-President of the Russian National Club of Rome Support Committee; Vice-President of the International Academy of World Development; member of the Federal Journalists' Council of Russia, Member of the Committee of 20; has several Russian and foreign public awards.

Family: Married, has three children.


Hobbies: Classic music, reading, traveling, golf.


Additional information:


The Russian Academy of Business and JSC "ASMO-press" established the first Russian National Award honoring excellence in business "DARIN", which is presented in the Bolshoy Theater since 1995; established the first Russian National Award honoring women's achievements in different spheres of life "Olympia"; publishes the famous series of catalogues: "Russian Business Elite", "Golden Book of Russia", "Famous Women of Russia" and etc. Russian Business Academy has 53 affiliated branches all over Russia. It organizes all-Russian economic forums o­n a yearly basis. The Russian Academy of Business and JSC "ASMO-press" have their own Training Center and Analytic Service. They publish a magazine "Business Review". The Presidium of the Russian Academy of Business includes more than 70 regional Governors and Vice-Governors, famous Russian entrepreneurs, outstanding representatives of science and culture. The main purpose of the Academy is to support and promote business activity in Russia and to protect entrepreneurs' rights.